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kopa custom plating

Custom  Plating Services

Are you dreaming about an accessory with a particular look and color? Then you need the help of custom plating services that will allow you to have the jewelry you want. Custom plating means that the accessory of your choice will receive the color you need, through specific processes used in the jewelry making industry. Thus, if you don’t like what you find in stores, you don’t need to purchase those items just because you can’t find the exact accessories you like. Now you can fully customize your jewelry with the services provided by Kopa, your trustworthy product and services provider in the accessories industry. But, let us talk more about custom plating and how it can change the jewelry you ware.

Plating is a process used in jewelry making, of chemical nature, which involves coloring the prime material of an accessory with a given color. Thus, the item won’t just have the desired color, but it will also be protected against rust and oxidation, two other processes that will damage it in time. But once the plating process is complete, nothing will be able to damage the item. There are several methods of plating, at Kopa the flash method being used, for increased durability of the final product. This method involves the use of a specific foundation applied on the prime material, in a very thin layer, which is called “flash” or “strike”. This has the purpose to increase the adherence and obtain high-quality plating. This is why you can use without a problem the services we offer at Kopa, because we are driven by the desire to obtain the best results for our clients.

How long will it take to plate your chosen jewelry? Everything will be set and ready to go in just one single visit to our store. Once you selected your preferred jewelry and the color of your choice, we will do the plating for you right there, on the spot. So you will quickly leave home with a brand new and customized jewelry, made according to your taste. Why purchase products that are not according to your personal preferences when you can easily design the ones you dream about? We know just how hard it is to find something unique, which will best reflect your style and personality, on a market that is flooded with mass-produced items. This is why we started this business, so we can offer you the possibility of creating the accessories that suit you best.

To best enjoy your newly plated jewelry and to ensure it a long life in your collection, here are some pieces of advice that will help you out. Do not wear your jewelry when swimming in the sea or pool, and do not expose it to lotions or other chemicals. There are substances that can end up damaging your jewelry, regardless of plating method. Also, it is not recommended to store your accessories in places with high humidity, like the bathroom, or expose them to direct sun light. We would also want to mention that all our plating is nickel and lead free, so it is extremely safe for your skin. Only the matte plating contains nickel.

custom jewelry plating