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KOPA was founded in 2015 by two sisters that established the company in order to integrate

 their design styles into one big harmony and sharing with all of you.

The History of KOPA - The sisters

Alice began her career in the jewelry industry in 2007 selling jewelry in shopping malls

As time goes Alice received many compliments on the designs from satisfied customers.

Ronit started out in the jewelry industry in 2012 after studying design and crafting,

The sisters began to cooperate, ronit and Alice kept working in shopping malls, universities,  

festivals, fairs and more.

At the same time they opened a jewelry design studio that became an integral part of them.

The studio is located on a stunning strip beach in  looked out over the golden sands and  waves of

the Mediterranean Sea that provides the inspiration and muse design

Given the success the sisters decided to to found a company together and spread the passion and

 love for jewelry design the whole world.

Each piece of jewelry carefully crafted a unique and exclusive style under strict quality control.

The design and the love they give to each piece of jewelry simply creates life in each design piece

KOPA began to design and mass produce in order to market their goods to suppliers, stores, designer

And any buyer in each amount all over the world