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How to keep your jewelry clean & shining

  Common reasons that jewel lost shine and oxidation are: 

* Spraying perfume directly on jewelry or heavy sweating.

* Avoid spray perfumes directly on the piece, you can spray perfume and whit a few seconds

And let the perfume to evaporate, now you can wear your jewel.

In case that the jewelry has been oxidation or lost his glamour, you can clean it whit water  

end dries it well. 

* Avoid exposing Jewelry to sea water, salt, pool and various chemical

All jewelry requires cleaning from time to time,

There are different solutions for cleaning jewelry or cleaning cloths

        ,Another way to clean it by using a cleaning cloths

It is recommended to clean gently to avoid damaging the jewelry.

    To keep the jewelry over time try to avoid wearing jewelry while doing any sports activities

Or while sleeping.

It is recommended to store jewelry in a dry place.

 * Important do not store jewelry in bathroom and other Places with high humidity.