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Website terms of use

Welcome to the KOPA JEWELRY website (Hereinafter the company).

Use of the website (hereinafter the client) implies acceptance of all the terms.

The use of the masculine is a convenience only, and is intended for both sexes.



Terms of use


1.The website acts as a virtual shop for the sale of jewelry and raw materials.

Any action or purchase on the website performed by any person or company, confirms acceptance and approval of these terms.

2.KOPA WASReserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time, at its sole discretion without warning or notice.

3.Parental consent and authorization must be obtained by clients under the age of 18 years.

Consent and/or permission and/or failure prevention and/or allowing minors to enter and/or use the site impliesparental consent and approval these terms, both of themselves and in relation to minors.

Parents are responsible for supervising the activities of minors on the site in accordance with these terms of use,

Theparents are responsible for notifying minors wishing to enter the website and/or using the website regarding terms of use.

4.Entry of inaccurate information will allow the company to immediately cancel the order.

5.Providingfalse, misleading, inaccurate or defamatory information is strictly prohibited.Providing such information may be considered a criminal offence against the company, and action will be taken for damages that may be caused to the company's Web site, its owners or any person acting on its behalf.

6.Management reserves the right to update product prices and shipping rates from time to time without early notice.

7.Management reserves the right to offer discounts, and site promotions.

Thecompanyreserves the right to discontinue,to replace or modifydiscountsat any time, without providing

early notice to that effect.

8.Each customer is entitled to open one account, the company reserves the right to remove duplicate accounts.

9.Purchase of products on the Website requires filling out a registration form with full name, full address, E-mail

Phone number and payment information form with customer details as needed.

10.Website terms of use apply to your use of the site and the services contained therein via any computer or

communication device such as cell phone, PDA, etc., they also apply to your use of the site, whether through a network,

internet, or through any network or other media.

11.You may use the site for personal and non-commercial purposes only. Commercial use of the website or any part thereof is strictly forbidden.

12.Any questions and/or request for clarification should please be addressed to the company's customer service by contact us form.        

Site rules

1.The company reserves the right to change the terms displayed on the website from time to time without early notice,

The new terms take effect immediately upon publication on the site.

2.Purchasing or orderingingthrough the website declares that you read these terms and agree to all conditions and terms of use, and voids any claim and/or demand and/or suit against the website and/or company, and/or the site manager and/or directors and/or employees, with regard to the provisions and conditionsof these terms of use.

3.The company will do everyting in its power to ensure that the information displayed on the website is complete and accurate but will nto be held liable for any typographical error occurs including but not exclusive to wrong product description and/or price, terms of payment, and/or product imageavailability of the product and/or any other information. E&OE

4.Product images shown on the website are for illustrative purposes only. The company intends that these images should represent an accurate but non-binding representation of the product,

Return policy & cancellations

1.The customer is entitled to return the product purchased on the site, within 14 days from the date of receipt thereof in the original packing.

2.The product must be returned in its original condition.

3.Only upon receipt of returned product will a credit be issued to the customer.

4.The company reserves the right to issue a credit for purchase on the website, valid for a period of one year from date of issue.

5.For custom made products, manufactured specifically for the customer, return policy or cancelations do not apply.

6.The company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage during shipment of the product returned.

7.The company will not credit unpaid products such as gift or promotion.

8.Only the customer is entitled to cancel the order.

The credit will be issued against the credit card which was used to pay, and according to the schedule of the credit company.

9. All cancellations must be authorised by the company

The customer will be credited the product cost only, additional costs not included.

10.The customer will be charged for the shipping costs and return costs.

Shipping and delivery

1.The company ships the products using FEDEX & EMS services according to their schedule.

2.Production time must be added to the delivery time of every item.

3.The company cannot be held responsible for delays or delays in delivery caused by shipping companies and shipping routes.

4.Total shipping charges will appear at the end of the booking process, and will be charged upon booking.

5.Purchase of $ 250 or more; the customer is entitled free shipping.

6.Orders will be sent only after confirmation of payment transaction via credit card or paypal

7.Theproducts will be delivered exclusively to the address that the client provided when booking.

8.kopa jewelry Is not Responsible for shipping rate changes or price increases or special fees or additional  taxation upon receipt of the goods in your country.


1.The company or management  or website or any agent acting on their behalf cannot be held or deemed responsible for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential, caused to the customer or third parties, resulting from the use or purchase on the website.

2.The site contents, the software on which it is based and any other service provided by the company and any of its agents is used at your own risk.

3.the company reserves the exclusive right to terminate your use of the site, at any time, at its sole discretion, any party, and without reason.

5.KOPA WASMakes every effort to maintain the integrity and operations. However, Faults in service and operation of the site, including breakdowns of lines, hardware or software may occur from time to time.

6.Pictures of items on the site are intended for illustrative purposes only and there may be differences between the images displayed on the site and actual items for sale.

7.The guarantee regards faults or manufacturing defects, however, this warranty does not include any damages caused whatsoever willfully or due to improper use or of items and/or excessive wear and/or loss orTheft and/or repair or services provided by someone other than company. Service unauthorised by the company enables the company to immediately cancel all warranty, responsibility and claims with respect to the product.

Intellectual property

1. intellectual property rights of the company include all the content that is periodically on this site including products list and includes Copyrights, trademarks and other marks of any kind, trade names, design rights, copyrights, information models, methods and trade secrets, advertising and marketing rights and any other detail.

2. with regard to the provisions of section 1 is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, modify, disassemble, move, process, sell, translate, rent, distribute, perform any changes or customization including trademarks, images and texts of the intellectual property rights of the company and/or the contents of the company's website and products listed therein, without prior written approval fromKOPA WAS .

Information security

1.The company treats information security very seriously,however in view of the nature of the Internet as an open communications network, KOPA cannot guarantee that communication between you and the company shall be free of unauthorized access of third parties.

Usie of the site is your own responsibility.

2.The company is not responsible for hacking attempts and attacks, despite the security measures taken by our company, third partiesmay penetrate the website, the company is not responsible any damages of any kind, direct orindirect caused to the customer or on its behalf, if information is lost or goes to hostile parties and/oris used without permission, the customer will have no claim or demand against the company.

3.Our company uses credit card services by pay pal, the world leader in credit clearing services.

Kopa jewelry and pay pal comply with strict security standards and conform with the credit card companies requirementssuch as PCI LEVEL 1.

4.The website is secured byusingSSLprotocol, all communication between the browser (the client) and your site (webserver that stores pages) is encrypted so that it cannot decode the information passed between your browsers and our website.

5.The company does not maintain credit card details on our computers.

6.The company undertakes not to make use of costumer information for purposes other than for the operation of the website.

7.When you enter details and purchase, you release "KOPA JEWELRY" of responsibility for any damage caused to you or anyone on your behalf due to attacks and/or hacking attempts to site information, as you waive any claims against kopa jewelry and/or anyone our behalf.